Precast concrete is a type of concrete that is cast, prepared and cured off-site in a controlled factory environment. Precast concrete elements are usually joined with other elements to create complete structures. They are a compilation of all the precast elements required in the construction business.
Precast is used to produce structural components such as beams, pipes, tunnels, columns, floors, staircases and more. It is popular because of its economic and practical nature that helps businesses.
We manufacture a range of precast products that are used in various verticals. Our product range includes columns, beams, boundary walls and foundations.

Every successful business works on the idea of “Time is Money”. A precast column saves considerable time and offers amazing flexibility of design for businesses that are fast paced. Apart from these benefits, precast columns also require less manpower for installation, thus saving excessive labour costs.
Columns are used as a support to beams/spandrels in all kinds of structural designs. We design columns in single-tier or multi-tier options and make them in a variety of shapes e.g. rectangular, irregular and circular to suit specific requirements. The size and shape of every column are designed in a variety of sizes to meet the specified requirements of our customers. Every column that we design is made in a way that can work efficiently in any architectural and structural application.
Columns are highly effective products for both the producers, as well as the stakeholders because of their outstanding usability. The extremely fast installation process of these columns eliminates the need for shuttering/curing, which is required in case of traditional methods.

Beams are similar to columns when it comes to ease of usability. We design standard sections of beams in both conventional, as well as pre-stressed reinforcement options to ensure optimum slenderness and economy. We manufacture beams in a variety of shapes e.g. L section, I girders, box girder, inverted T section and any other shape that is required in structural applications.
Beams, just like columns, require less manpower for installation reducing the excessive labour expenses. We also take into account the concrete topping or screed to be placed on top while designing composite section beams. Whether the connections are rigid, semi-rigid or hinged, we make sure they offer maximum flexibility.
When it comes to cost-effective utility nothing beats the beams/columns we make for their outstanding usability and effectiveness.

We have taken notice of the growing demand for boundary walls in the UAE. To meet consumer demands, we have developed a complete precast solution for this product. We have developed a boundary wall solution that will help consumers protect their property including villas, farms, factories among others.
Boundary walls are made available with many features e.g. screens, logos, contemporary and modern designs… etc. Maintenance cost of this precast is extremely low, as the product requires only water wash to retain its attractiveness.
Our boundary walls are made with the top of the range raw materials to offer optimum protection to consumers. We also offer complete architectural freedom with height, width, colours, shapes and designs altered specifically to meet customer requirements.

Precast foundations are cast off-site in controlled environments. These foundations are known to be lighter than most materials used for this process, which makes them quite popular. Precast foundations reduce construction time, as they are installed quickly. Most importantly, precast foundations are leak-proof and show minimal signs of wear and tear, even after long term use.
Precast foundations are popular as they reduce overall costs for builders and architects alike. Maintenance is also not an issue with these foundations therefore homeowners can avoid excessive spending. These are the best choices for residential and commercial use.

We are capable of designing an extremely versatile range of products which also includes staircases and handrails. We plan them according to the design of an architectural or structural unit.
We produce stairways and handrails of top-notch standards to meet international standards of production. We manufacture all our products in controlled environments, in specially designed moulds, ensuring amazing dimensional precision and outstanding quality.